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Leah Lopez
Leah Lopez

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Leah Lopez was raised a “Texas girl” to her very core. Her idol growing up was Texas singing star Selena, who she admired for her drive and for the compassion she always showed for others. It’s this attitude that ultimately translated into a love for people that Leah turned into a career as a care coordinator at Texas Children’s.

Even as she was growing up – singing Como La Flor – she knew Texas Children’s was the best place to send your child for medical care. And it was during her time as a training nursing student that she was able to witness first-hand how wonderful a place Texas Children’s is to work and deliver care. Following her training, she knew she wanted to be part of our One Amazing Team permanently.

Now proudly going on four years at Texas Children’s, Leah has grown from a charge nurse to a care coordinator for the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at our Pavilion for Women. Leah sat down with us to show us a day in her role and how compassion drives her.

What role did you start out with at Texas Children’s?

I started at Texas Children’s in 2018 as a staff and charge nurse on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. I feel honored to have witnessed the strength and resilience from children literally fighting for their lives. I met many incredible people in that role.

What is a care coordinator?

A care coordinator’s job is implied by the title: the responsibility of managing all the details of a patient’s care. My job is focused on everything that happens after you leave the hospital, like setting follow-up appointments, managing prescriptions, arranging therapy at the home, etc. The care coordinator makes sure all these things happen.

What is your day-to-day like in your role?

My day-to-day is never the same, which I love. My priorities include screening the patients at admission for any discharge barriers and coordinating home care orders to ensure a safe discharge for each patient. I also facilitate patient transfers to other facilities.

What is your favorite part of the role?

I love that this role gives me so much autonomy. I have earned trust and respect from the medical team to run the discharge process on patients with complex discharge needs. With that, comes responsibility and it is so rewarding to hear parents verbalize their appreciation for making the discharge process so easy for them.

Our core values are embracing freedom, leading tirelessly, living compassionately and amplifying unity. Which one of these values do you most identify with and why?

I most identify with living compassionately. Like the personality of a typical nurse, I possess a great deal of empathy for patients and the struggles they go through. I strive to make those struggles easier for my patients.

Tomorrow, Together represents Texas Children’s commitment to creating a bright future for our employees and our mission. What is your commitment for the future?

My commitment for the future is to proudly represent Texas Children’s in the workplace and community to protect the reputation of being the number one children’s hospital in Texas.

Texans like Leah prove that compassion is one of our most powerful motivators. Compassion not only drove her profession as a care coordinator but continues to drive her future. If you are looking to find your purpose, search our open positions and apply to make Texas Children’s a part of your journey for tomorrow.