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Ozzy is The Difference – facing down uncertainty to find a way.

When you’re worried or feel left in the dark about paying for medical care, the anxiety alone is a heavy burden to carry. Texas Children’s is committed to caring for all women and children regardless of their ability to pay, and thanks to specially trained financial counselors like Ozzy Kosko, our patients have a dedicated partner in figuring it out.

“The last thing an expecting mother needs to worry about is financing the quality care she deserves,” says Ozzy, who is part of the growing Women’s Services team in North Austin. “I’m here to make sure they’re taken care of, whether they can pay for it or not.”

Building a better patient experience

With the launch of our first outpatient OBGYN clinic in Austin, and as preparations are underway to open Texas Children’s Hospital North Austin Campus, Ozzy is leading by doing what he does best – helping our patients secure financial assistance with compassion and ease.

“That’s what we’re here for…to make them feel comfortable, to let them know there is help available and that we can provide it.”

Ozzy spends most of his time building estimates for patients, giving them a heads-up on the amount they are billed. He helps them understand their benefits and works directly with insurance companies to determine coverage and authorizations. If patients can’t meet their self-pay balance, Ozzy will walk them through financial aid programs, discounts and/or hospital assistance.

“Coming from South Texas and not growing up with a lot of money…being able to help in this kind of way is one of the most amazing feelings,” Ozzy shares. “It just touches you in a different way.”

Feels like home

“This is one of the most welcoming places I’ve ever worked at,” says Ozzy. “When I stepped foot in here on day one, it felt like everybody already knew me.”

Amy Poso, Director of Women’s Services in Austin, had the privilege of working with Ozzy in a previous role. “I was able to see his dedication to the patient experience and excellent customer service firsthand…when the opportunity presented itself, I invited him to interview, and the rest is history!”

Ozzy is inspired by all the great services Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women is set to provide in the Austin community, starting with access to routine OBGYN care and reliable maternal-fetal medicine specialists.

“Every patient deserves to be looked after like family…together, we’ll find a way.”

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