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Texas Children’s Hospital

LyTorre is The Difference – in step with patients and families to build connections and trust.

When Dr. LyTorre Vidaurri decided to join Texas Children’s, her first thought was, “how will we show we are making a real difference in this community?”

“My team members make this easy. When I walk in every single day, I know I’m surrounded by some of the best and brightest, and people are always trying to do the best for the patient.”

Dr. Vidaurri joined Texas Children’s in February as Division Chief of Anesthesiology. Her decade of experience as Service Chief of Anesthesiology and Medical Director at Children’s Health in Dallas and her innate creativity are already blending well with her team’s vision to practice differently in a market with a prominent need for more pediatrics and women’s healthcare choices.

A role made for connecting

Knowing from an early age that she wanted to be a physician, during her medical training, Dr. Vidaurri discovered that she likes to connect with people very quickly and intensely – critically important to anesthesiology. “And of course I love kids, that’s why I chose pediatrics – it’s fun, you get to play with toys, blow bubbles and ride on the stretcher to the OR with the patients.”

“I get to touch kids’ lives across the entire spectrum of pediatrics. My job is to make one of the scariest times for a patient become a non-scary event, and that really is important to me.”

Dr. Vidaurri’s strength in reassuring families and helping them feel safe in her team’s care involves putting herself in young patients’ shoes. “I feel that during their most difficult moments, getting out of doctor mode and speaking in nonmedical language helps me connect with them in a personal way and takes their mind off being scared.”

Nailing every song

Dr. Vidaurri explains that part of ensuring patients have a good experience is creating a fun environment.

Connecting and gaining trust on the way to the OR comes in different forms such as playing with toys and games, and as a lover of musical theater, Dr. Vidaurri is known for breaking out in song. “That’s my thing, whatever distracts the kids. I make a connection by putting their favorite song on my phone. Little Mermaid was a favorite of mine when I was a kid, so I will bust out with ‘Under the Sea’ at any given moment.”

One of the things Dr. Vidaurri loves to do when administering anesthetics is to find the patient’s interests and talk with them about it. “I might have them imagine they are on the beach feeling the warm sunshine going up their left arm and so on, so they fall asleep with that great memory.”

“It’s great to see the kid relax and heartwarming to see the parent trusting you with their precious cargo – it’s one of the things that makes me come to work every single day.”

We’re always looking for more hand holders who love working with children. Search for open positions and join Dr. Vidaurri in saying “I am the Difference.”