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Kameron is The Difference – doing good where it’s needed most.

Before joining the team at Texas Children’s Pediatrics Windsor Park, medical assistant Kameron Pendragon was an EMT and dished up ramen at a popular restaurant. No stranger to fast-paced work, he first considered being a flight medic or firefighter – “something cool and adventurous,” he says.

Now with young children of his own, Kameron says working in pediatrics is a completely different ball game.

“Every day when I go to work I feel an incredible sense of good that I’m doing, and I know that I’m making a positive impact on families…there’s no feeling or adrenaline rush I’ve ever experienced that can match that.”

Leaning on his fatherly instincts

When Kameron started bringing his daughter to Windsor Park, something changed for him. “Seeing them take such good care of my child, I remembered why I enjoyed medicine,” he recalls. He eventually applied and joined the practice, which is part of our Community Cares Program, as a multi-certified medical assistant.

Kameron brings many elements of fatherhood into his role including respect, understanding, and a sense of protection. “I get to just let my dad instincts go, and I always do my best to make kids feel safe. After all, it might seem like it to them, but being at the doctor’s office isn’t the end of the world!”

The opportunity to watch these kids grow up alongside his own is not one he takes for granted. “We have a small window to nurture and show them love.”

Building bridges in the community

Windsor Park is known for providing trusted, high-quality pediatric medical care for children who otherwise would seek it from emergency rooms, or possibly go without care or treatment due to low family income or lack of insurance. Regardless of the family’s financial situation, we deliver healthcare to children from birth to age 18 and offer families the chance to develop long-term relationships with our board-certified pediatricians.

“I feel like our clinic is critical to this community. I have so much pride in working here and knowing we have a massive impact on the kids in the area.”

When you’re here, you’re home

Originally from California, Kameron appreciates the hospitality and kind-hearted nature of people in Texas. From his first training at Texas Children’s, he claims that our people will bring out the best in you, help you seek out your talents, and ultimately grow your career.

“I’m absolutely happy here…I can be my authentic self, and being silly with my family doesn’t have to stop at home. I’ve learned so much about patience and empathy, and also how to communicate better.”

We’re searching for more bridge builders who will support the children and families in our care. Find your calling at Texas Children’s and join Kameron in saying “I am the Difference.” Apply at today!