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Brianna is The Difference – shining her light to make children’s days brighter.

When interacting with patients and families who walk through the doors, Brianna Williams has a goal of making sure they always leave feeling better than when they came in.

“It’s not about making people happy but providing positive relief,” says Brianna, a Front Desk Specialist at Texas Children’s Hill Country Pediatrics in Austin.

In a pediatric clinic, team members frequently encounter anxious children and weary parents. Brianna knows that helping mothers loaded down with baby gear, making a child laugh through tears and generating warm connections builds trust, and can be the difference in someone’s day.

Setting an example

Brianna’s mission to lift the moods of everyone around her comes from a place of compassion and gratitude. “I had a brief point in my life where things were really tough,” she shares. “I didn’t feel like I was going to get anywhere.”

Beginning a career at Texas Children’s earlier this year gave Brianna the boost of confidence she needed. “I can do everything I want to do.”

Brianna, a young mother herself, models self-reliance and empathy for the four children in her blended family. She wants her children to see that no matter where they begin, they can make an impact.

Dreaming big

Brianna is already envisioning her next opportunity for growth as a multi-skilled medical assistant. Completing her certification this fall is a way for Brianna to bring more to the workplace where she says she “just fits in” like a member of the family.

“I’m able to be myself here. I can make everyone around me laugh, be silly and bring smiles to the faces of kids and parents. It doesn’t feel like a job.”

Though Brianna grew up in Austin, her family’s roots are in Houston. She admits that many Austinites don’t fully understand her excitement about the expansion of Texas Children’s to Central Texas… yet.

“But if you know, you know,” she winks before explaining that her family’s long experience with Texas Children’s top-notch care influenced her decision to seek employment with us in Austin.

Never a bad day

Prior to working in healthcare, Brianna worked as a daycare teacher. She brings this experience to a role she considers her dream job – a place where her fellow team members’ enthusiasm for work and the supportive culture makes it easy to pull together as a team. “I’ve never had a bad day at work,” she says of Texas Children’s Hill Country Pediatrics. “I’ve had tough moments but never a bad day, and that’s the first time I’ve been able to say that about a job.”

Now that she’s walked through the door as a Texas Children’s team member, Brianna makes an impact by letting her inner light shine for patients, families and colleagues in her wake. “If they have a positive relationship with someone, they’ll be back.”

If you’re a dream maker and want to join Brianna in saying “I am The Difference,” apply today at We can’t wait to have you on our One Amazing Team!