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Dr. Yogini Prajapati, Texas Children's Pediatrics Westbank
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Yogini is The Difference – treating patients’ families like our own.

Woven with threads of unwavering dedication and profound compassion for the families she serves in Austin, Texas, Dr. Yogini Prajapati‘s remarkable story is one of commitment that goes far beyond the walls of Texas Children’s Pediatrics. For her, working as a physician at Texas Children’s is the culmination of years of training, experience serving others, and a dream come true.

Embarking on Her Texas Children’s Journey

Originally from a small town near New Orleans, Dr. Prajapati received her pediatric training at Louisiana State University. Texas Children’s reputation for excellence in pediatric care had long been the beacon of her professional aspirations, even while she worked in private pediatric practice in Austin.

When Texas Children’s began its expansion to Central Texas and the chance to join our team at Texas Children’s Urgent Care Westgate in Austin arose, Dr. Prajapati didn’t hesitate to answer the call.

“I was incredibly excited to potentially join such a highly regarded organization but, I was even more thrilled for the community that was going to benefit from access to its amazing care.”

The opportunity came at the perfect time for Dr. Prajapati. She was a new mom, and the Urgent Care role provided the flexibility she needed to balance her career with motherhood. For four years, her spouse worked days and cared for their young daughter while Dr. Prajapati worked evenings. The atmosphere at Texas Children’s Urgent Care felt like family, making it an ideal fit for her.

While Dr. Prajapati found immense fulfillment caring for high-acuity patients, analyzing x-rays, attending to lacerations, and performing other procedures, her daughter’s evolving needs led her to seek the continuity of a private practice again. She joined the team at Texas Children’s Pediatrics Westbank where she could provide ongoing care for families in a setting that still felt like home.

“I really love working with families and helping children through the early years of their life. There is nothing more rewarding to me than being entrusted to care for a family’s children for many years.”

The Roots of Her Calling

The heart of Dr. Prajapati’s medical calling is to answer questions, counsel new parents, and spend time with patients and their families. Her sister’s challenging introduction to parenthood sparked her initial interest in pediatrics.

Born with complications at a hospital near Beaumont, Texas, Yogini’s niece was transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. Here, Dr. Prajapati’s sister was told her baby had Down Syndrome as well as a severe cardiac defect requiring open-heart surgery. Dr. Prajapati witnessed her sister’s need for reassurance and tender care during those trying times, setting the foundation for her commitment to family-oriented care.

“As I became more interested in what was going on with my niece and more involved in her care, I started to learn more about the different specialists and what is involved in taking care of a special needs child.”

An Evolution of Purpose

Dr. Prajapati’s career path took various twists and turns, including practicing chiropractic medicine.

“I worked in the field for a few years, but I still felt like I was missing something. I wanted to do more.”

Eventually, she returned to school to pursue her true calling in pediatrics. Driven by her experiences and her sister’s challenges, she cares for young patients at Texas Children’s Pediatrics Westgate with the understanding that how she communicates is as vital as what she says.

 “I want my patients to feel they’re being treated like family, so I speak to them in that way.”

The Parent-Pediatrician Connection

Being a parent has given Dr. Prajapati a unique perspective. Small things like pacifier use feel far less important than making sure a child and their caregivers feel heard. She understands the challenges and concerns of parents, which is essential for building trust between caregivers and providers. She values making her patients feel like family and strives to create a stress-free environment.

Dr. Prajapati knows that living out her purpose in a supportive workplace is not something that everyone gets to do. This gives her the energy to prioritize time with each patient. She says she feels grateful to do so and admits that most of the time her job does not feel like work.

“Often coming into see the doctor is a stressful event for both the parents and the children. When I’m in a room with families, I try to lighten the mood by joking around with the children by trying to make them laugh. This creates a playful, fun experience which helps me quickly build trust with the child, hopefully allowing them to trust me a little bit more when it’s time for the exam. I really love going to work every day.”

Making a Difference

Demonstrating how careful attention can change lives, Dr. Prajapati recalls one of her more rewarding experiences. She noticed something amiss during a 9-month-old child’s heart exam and advocated for further evaluation. Though the infant’s mother initially responded with resistance, she was ultimately grateful for Dr. Prajapati’s persistence, which led to a crucial diagnosis and immediate treatment for a cardiac defect.

“I feel fulfilled and satisfied when I’m helping someone, like I’m doing something with purpose.”

What’s Cooking in Austin

Outside of work, Dr. Prajapati, a self-proclaimed foodie, enjoys cooking, trying new recipes, and exploring Austin’s culinary scene with her husband and now six-year-old daughter. Her passion for life outside of the clinic enriches her patient care.  

As we approach the end of 2023, Dr. Prajapati eagerly anticipates another fulfilled dream – the upcoming inauguration of a Texas Children’s Hospital in her own backyard, bringing greater care to the Austin community.

Watch a brief video featuring Dr. Prajapati.

Join Dr. Prajapati and Be the Difference

If you’re inspired by Dr. Prajapati’s journey and want to make a difference for children and women in the heart of Texas, consider joining our talented Austin team. Explore our career opportunities and apply today.

Answering the Call to Become a Pediatrician

How do I become a pediatrician in Texas?

It typically takes 11 to 15 years to become a pediatrician. Texas has a two-step application process that includes screening and licensing.

To become a pediatrician in Texas, you typically need to follow these steps: 

  1. Complete a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
  2. Take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and apply to an accredited medical school.
  3. Attend medical school for four years.
  4. Complete a three-year pediatric residency program.
  5. Obtain a medical license from the Texas Medical Board by passing required exams.
  6. Consider becoming board-certified in pediatrics by passing relevant board exams.

Once you start practicing as a pediatrician in Texas, it is important to stay updated on specific requirements, as they may change over time.

How do I transfer a medical license from another state to Texas?

Transferring a medical license from another state to Texas typically involves several steps. Keep in mind that the requirements and procedures may change, so it’s essential to consult the Texas Medical Board’s official resources for the most up-to-date information. To transfer a medical license from another state to Texas, you typically need to:

  1. Verify eligibility and ensure you meet Texas requirements.
  2. Contact the Texas Medical Board, obtain application forms, and review instructions.
  3. Provide credential verification, including medical school transcripts, postgraduate training, and board certification.
  4. Undergo a criminal background check.
  5. Complete the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Exam.
  6. Pass any required licensing exams, such as USMLE or COMLEX.
  7. Pay the application and associated fees.
  8. Submit the application with all required documents and exam scores.
  9. Await review by the Texas Medical Board, which may take several weeks or months.
  10. Attend an interview if requested.
  11. Upon approval, receive your Texas medical license while adhering to any specific conditions set by the board.

What is the difference between an MD and a board certified MD?

The primary difference between an MD (Doctor of Medicine) and a board-certified MD lies in their level of expertise and recognition within a specific medical specialty. While both MDs and board-certified MDs are trained medical doctors, the key difference is that board-certified MDs have undergone additional specialized training and passed rigorous examinations to become experts in a particular medical discipline. Board certification serves as a way for patients and healthcare institutions to identify physicians with advanced knowledge and skills in a specific area of medicine. Patients seeking care for specific medical conditions often prefer to see board-certified specialists for their expertise.

How do I become a physician within a Texas Children’s Pediatrics practice site location?

Texas Children’s Pediatrics (TCP) physicians provide primary care, diagnosis, management and well care follow up for ill infants, children and adolescents in a TCP practice site location. We currently have open full-time positions at locations across the Greater Houston area, Austin/College Station. Some part-time/per diem opportunities are also available. For more information or to search for opportunities, visit