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Welcome to Texas Children’s: Your Journey Begins with TC Hi

Starting a new job is a significant milestone, and at Texas Children’s, we ensure that your first day sets the stage for a rewarding career. Enter Texas Children’s Hi (TC Hi), our full-day orientation experience designed to immerse you in the vibrant culture of Texas Children’s and make you feel right at home from day one. 

What is Texas Children’s Hi? 

TC Hi is more than an orientation—it’s an experience that allows new hires to engage with various departments and fellow new employees on their first day. This program illustrates our four core values: Embrace Freedom, Lead Tirelessly, Live Compassionately, and Amplify Unity. Our values are the guiding principles that shape our work environment and culture. Through TC Hi, we provide a deeper understanding of these values and demonstrate how they are embodied in everyday practices at Texas Children’s. 

Our Commitment to Your Onboarding 

Texas Children’s takes pride in a robust onboarding process, with TC Hi as a cornerstone. After applying, interviewing, and accepting a role, the pre-employment process culminates with an invitation to TC Hi from our Talent Acquisition Team.  

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, TC Hi has transformed over the last few years, to include virtual delivery, eLearning modules, and condensed two-hour sessions. In 2023, we re-launched our current full-day structure to deliver an engaging and comprehensive in-person onboarding experience.  

“Our partners are intentional about providing the most relevant information to our new hires that makes them feel safe, engaged and valued,” says Shari Alexander, Organizational Development Consultant and TC Hi facilitator. 

TC Hi captures the essence of Texas Children’s. It is a day designed to make you feel welcome and excited about your future with us. 

What to Expect on Your First Day 

Expect a fun, engaging, and interactive day with TC Hi! Our enthusiastic facilitators bring energy, encouragement, and a touch of humor to each session. 

“We really try to capture the magic of Texas Children’s in a way that leaves the employee inspired, motivated, and confident in their decision to join us,” says Quincy Horton, Organizational Development Consultant and TC Hi facilitator.  

Beyond diving into our four core values, TC Hi offers insights into our Total Rewards and Workforce Well-Being programs and our strategies for maintaining safety and security. This comprehensive introduction ensures you are well-informed and prepared to thrive in your new role. 

Feedback from Our New Hires 

Don’t just take our word for it—hear what our new hires have to say about TC Hi: 

  • “I can honestly say that this was by far the best orientation I’ve ever been to. … I am beyond grateful to get an opportunity to work at Texas Children’s because I’ve been looking for a place that I belong. With my new journey, I am excited to say I think I found my place.” 
  • “The orientation itself was organized really well with switching out different personnel to discuss their area of expertise.” 
  • “Quincy was the absolute best. I loved his energy, engagement, anecdotal presentation format and style. He totally made the day run smoothly and kept up engagement. The physical/mental/spiritual/leadership section was also well done by the gentleman who presented. Awesome job, TCH.” 
  • “Shari was an AMAZING presenter and made it fun and interesting to learn! The part that resonated with me most was learning about how many free benefits we can take advantage of! I also am overjoyed to know my patient population will come from around the world! Making a positive difference in their lives is something I look forward to the most :)” 
  • “The orientation provided a unique experience for me that I never had with any previous jobs. It was engaging, informative, and I’m excited to join such a great work culture and become part of the family.” 

At Texas Children’s, we believe that a great start leads to a great journey. TC Hi is our commitment to you, ensuring that your first day is the beginning of many rewarding and fulfilling days to come.  

Are you ready to start your career at Texas Children’s? Explore our open positions and find the role that’s right for you. Visit our Careers Page to search for opportunities and take the first step toward a fulfilling future with Texas Children’s. 

Join us and Be the Difference in the lives of children and women throughout the world. Apply today!