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Daniel Pham, Texas Children's Pharmacist, is pictured next to text that says "I am the Greatest Showman." Headshot Image.png
Texas Children’s Hospital

Pharmacist Daniel Pham is the Greatest Showman

Daniel Pham knows the outpatient pharmacy is typically a patient’s last stop before they head home – the grand finale – and he dedicates himself to making the experience a positive one.  

“I am the team’s Greatest Showman,” says Daniel, summarizing his energetic and friendly approach to work in The Center for Women and Children – Southwest, and the reason he can say “I am the Difference” at Texas Children’s. 

This Is Me: Defining Experiences 

Daniel, who is Vietnamese American, embraces life with the same kind of enthusiasm he exhibits in his career. He was very active in high school. He joined the orchestra, played tennis, served on the student council, and was selected as prom king. 

“In the Asian culture we are taught to just lay low and do well in school. I wanted to break that mold.”  

Daniel’s outgoing nature contrasted with his older brother Dennis’s more subdued personality. In remission since 1999, Dennis is a childhood cancer survivor. Daniel says that Texas Children’s was a light for his family during a difficult time, saving his brother’s life twice.  

Daniel now gets to be a source of light for Texas Children’s patients and families. Even five minutes spent with a patient in the pharmacy is important to him because he knows people will remember that he makes them feel safe, valued and seen. 

“The thing about sickness is that it is nondiscriminatory,” says Daniel, who lost his mother Nhan Tran to breast cancer in 2023. “What I’ve learned from my family’s hard times is that we must be intentional with the time we have.”  

Daniel attributes the comfort he feels in his own skin and the comforting presence he offers to others to his late mother. Nhan was multilingual, an artist, a space flight engineer and made the best homemade Pho and Bun Thang. Daniel, who has inherited her superpowers of attentiveness, generosity, and playfulness, has a positive impact on his team and the families in our care. 

“My passion lies with the community, and I get the opportunity every single day to help families understand their medications and have access to exceptional care.”   

Rewrite the Stars: Balancing Work and Life 

Family and his culture are especially important to Daniel. His parents and grandparents left behind everything familiar in Vietnam to start a life in America. Daniel does not take his family’s hard work and sacrifices for granted but he has taken notes from his father who expresses regrets about spending so much time focused on his career while his sons were growing up.  

Working within a team of people who have become like a family to him provides the necessary balance between work and Daniel’s life at home with his wife and two young children.  

“I have so much fun and enjoy work here so much that I can leave and still bring energy home to my family.” 

Daniel at a University of Texas event, showing "hook 'em" hand signs.

Hinting that even at home he is an entertainer, Daniel’s daughter refers to him as Mickey Mouse, a title he wears with honor. From bath times and nighttime prayers to driving imaginary buses and dancing to favorite tunes, Daniel is embracing his “daddy era.” He knows every lyric to the hit song from Disney’s Encanto, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” because it helps his daughter fall asleep. 

He and his wife Janel, who is a speech pathologist at Texas Children’s Specialty Care in Sugar Land, are an effective team and committed to savoring all the moments they have with their children while, as parents, they are “still their favorite people.” 

Daniel finds the process of learning to communicate with his kids both fascinating and humbling. As he puts himself in his children’s shoes and sees through their eyes, he discovers what comforts them and what makes them happy. 

“I feel like I am continuously unlocking new skills as a parent, and now I get to take all the skills from home and make connections with the kids and parents at work.” 

The Greatest Show: 10 Years at Texas Children’s 

One of the tools Daniel uses to connect with patients is his Disney-inspired badge. Worn by all Texas Children’s employees, each team member gets to select a character who resonates with them. 

“I chose Raya [from Raya and the Last Dragon] because she represents our Asian community. It was nice over the pandemic and during a challenging time for our community to have representation in a Disney film. I love showing off my badge to our patients and families and talking with them about their favorite movies and characters.” 

Daniel Pham stands next to a Disney Team of Heroes banner

In 2019, Daniel was one of 25 team members chosen as a trainer for the Disney Team of Heroes pilot program, a partnership between Texas Children’s Hospital and The Walt Disney Company focused on incorporating a bit of Disney magic into the patient experience. As part of the inaugural class of employees representing Texas Children’s, Daniel, along with Janel, who was also selected for the team, visited Disney World for a life-changing leadership training seminar.  

Even now, almost a decade into his career with Texas Children’s, Daniel looks back on the experience as one of his most rewarding and memorable honors.  

As he looks forward, he reflects on the ways the mission and values of Texas Children’s aligns with his everyday life in and outside of work. “This has been a fulfilling journey of growth, lessons, and discovering my true north within the organization, and I hope to remain as a positive light for the future.” 

Come Alive: Finding Purpose in a Passion 

For Daniel, overseeing medications is only part of his job as a pharmacist. He enjoys being a resource for families, making them feel comfortable and safe to go home. His role at the pharmacy allows him to channel his compassion into everyday work, interacting face-to-face with the community. 

“I chose health care because it is a career where I get to use both my head and heart.” 

For those pursuing a career in pharmacy, he emphasizes being genuine and compassionate. These are two words that easily describe Daniel who, ever the showman, quips a punchy finale for his own story: 

“Drug interactions is a cool skill, but being remembered for your human interactions gives you purpose.” 

Texas Children’s is the No. 1 children’s hospital in Texas and a global leader in patient care because of people like Daniel who make a difference every day. Apply for open career opportunities today to join our team and Be the Difference at Texas Children’s.