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Urgent Care Pediatric Physician Dan Quan
Urgent Care Pediatric Physician Dan Quan Headshot Image.png
Texas Children’s Hospital

One Amazing Team Featuring Dr. Dan Quan

As the son of immigrants, Dan Quan grew up cherishing all the promises of the “American Dream.” Changing your circumstances through hard work and dedication was instilled in Dan from a very young age, which he applied to every aspect of his life, and this ultimately led him to pursue a career in medicine.

While finishing his pediatric residency in Austin, Dan connected with a recently graduated resident in Austin who had nothing but positive things to say about the position and culture at Texas Children’s. Upon interviewing, Dan fell in love with the people and culture of Texas Children’s and when he was offered the job, he jumped at the opportunity and never looked back.

Now a pediatric physician at Texas Children’s Urgent Care (Westgate) for nearly three years, Dan’s day is full of examinations and reviewing lab results. His day doesn’t stop until the last patient has been seen and his team has everything they need to be successful. Now, Dr. Quan sits down with us to share about his time at Texas Children’s and what continues to drive him forward.

What made you want to go into Urgent Care services? 

I really enjoyed the acute care setting during my training and enjoy the diagnostic aspect.

What is the one skill you use the most at Texas Children’s?

I would say the skill of active listening is one of the skills I use the most. With a majority being patients too young to tell their story, I have to obtain a majority of the information I need to make a diagnosis by listening closely to what parents tell me.

What do people not know/realize about your job?

Even though I work in an acute care setting, there are some families that I see very frequently and am able to build a connection with the patient and family as if I was their pediatrician.

What is your favorite part of the role?

My favorite part of my job is seeing a variety of illnesses as well as being able to perform simple procedures.

Our core values are embracing freedom, leading tirelessly, living compassionately and amplifying unity. Which one of these values do you most identify with and why?

Out of the core values, I identify with leading tirelessly the most. During my pediatric training and now into the urgent care setting, I have focused on the continual improvement of how I practice medicine and what small changes can be made to improve the experience of patients and our healthcare team.

We are always looking to expand our team and are looking for passionate people like Dr. Quan who are ready to make a difference in their community. Search our open positions, apply today, and make a better tomorrow for yourself.