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Daisha Price
Daisha Price

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Texas Children’s Hospital

Daisha Price had her first introduction to the power of nursing as a young girl at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. While a family member was being treated, a nurse in the ward befriended Daisha and the two developed a tight bond.

“I wasn’t even her patient in that moment, but she showed me the love, attention and connection I needed,” said Daisha. “I saw that nurses do more than pass around medicine and perform assessments; they provide hope and comfort, and I wanted to be just like that when I grew up.”

Now a nurse at the Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center, Daisha sits down with us during  September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to share her passion for nursing and show how you can make a human connection in the darkest of times.

What do you love most about working at Texas Children’s?

I love making connections with all my patients. I love making the patients’ and families’ lives feel as normal as possible. I love being able to extend my heart to these families in their time of need. The patient population in the Cancer and Hematology Center is vastly different, and these patients and families have taught me so much in my brief time at Texas Children’s. I also love that each day I can learn something new and continue to better myself for my patients.

What led you to work in the Cancer/Hematology Center? 

I wanted to work in the Cancer and Hematology Center because I have always been interested in this discipline. Also, the patient population allows me to make connections with my patients that I will never forget. Furthermore, it is ever changing, so there is always an opportunity to learn. I want to eventually contribute to the cure of cancer later in my career.

Why should someone work in the Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center?

I would recommend working in the Cancer and Hematology Center to anyone I know. I wish I could put into words how special our patient population is. Despite the tough times that the patients are going through, they always manage to smile and laugh, and the connection they have with staff is everything. The environment is so uplifting and motivating. It cannot be experienced anywhere else. Of course, there are hard days, but these days are exponentially overpowered by the good days.

What advice would you give a new nurse starting in the Cancer and Hematology Center?

I would advise new nurses to allow themselves grace. It is hard being a new nurse, but it is even harder specializing in cancer and hematology. Do not let one distressing day discourage you. Also, I advise you to ask for help and be willing to learn. Lastly, believe in yourself and your abilities. You know more than you think, and you have the greatest skill of all, being yourself. You being ‘you’ is sometimes the best medicine you can give a patient.

Treating patients is more than just providing treatment; it’s about creating connections to inspire hope. We need more nurses, like Daisha, to invest in relationships with our patients and their families and help us achieve our mission of creating a healthier future for children and women. Learn more about our One Amazing Team and apply today.