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Brittri Ridley
Brittri Ridley

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Texas Children’s Hospital

Brittri Ridley became a nurse through a personal calling. After her son was born with Down Syndrome, the time she spent with him and the nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit made clear the path she needed to take in her life.

“Nurses are called to care and nurture those we love and those we know who need our love,” said Brittri.

Brittri began her medical career in a leadership position at an outside health organization, before launching her journey at Texas Children’s in 2017 as a staff nurse for Urgent Care. Although her family and friends questioned her choice to move from a leadership position to a staff nurse, she knew the change to Texas Children’s was going to pay off in the end. As time went on, she knew she had made the right decision.

“From the moment I started, it felt as though I had been in my role for years yet it was only months,” Brittri said. “Everyone on the team was supportive, energetic, and care was evidence-based and patient-centered.”

Due to her dedication and passion, Brittri quickly ascended to a leadership position, and is now serving as a nurse manager at Texas Children’s Urgent Care Vintage location, where she puts all her effort into serving a team of 14 clinical and non-clinical employees. In this role, she does everything from managing payroll and inventory to monitoring the practice – always keeping in mind that her greatest duty is supporting the team she leads.

“Even through our toughest days, I make every effort to courageously serve them by encouraging and supporting their needs.”

Brittri strives every day to lead her team tirelessly towards their goals and ensures that everyone on her team is set up for success. Urgent Care is an ever-changing environment where each shift presents its own obstacles. Because of this dynamic environment, Brittri says communication is key. Not just communication, but communicating with compassion.

“We listen and speak with purpose, not just to offer a response but to empathize,” said Brittri. “My belief is when you listen with purpose and empathize it opens our hearts to serve with compassion.”

Leading tirelessly through compassion is key to Brittri’s success. Leaders like Brittri are keeping Texas Children’s as a front-runner in healthcare and nurturing the unique culture we have that sets us apart. If you are looking to become a part of One Amazing Team, search our open positions today and make Texas Children’s a part of your journey tomorrow.