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Artur Gonzalez
Artur Gonzalez

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Texas Children’s Hospital

Artur Gonzales’s difficult childhood translated into a strong sense of advocacy as an adult for those who can’t fight for themselves. As his career in nursing progressed, Artur found his home at the Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center.

“I knew I wanted to fight for these kids that were dealing with diseases that were robbing them of their body, mind, and spirit,” said Artur. “I wanted to be the one to advocate for them.”

Now going on four years at Texas Children’s, Artur sits down with us to explain how he found his good fight in the Cancer and Hematology Center and why more nurses should look into this “hidden gem” in the Medical Center.

What do you love most about working at Texas Children’s?

What is not to love? We see the rarest hematologic and oncologic disorders, meet patients from all across the world and really get to know the families that we serve. All of which brings challenges like getting too emotionally invested and unexpected rewards like getting invited to Christmas celebrations by families.

What has been your proudest achievement while at Texas Children’s?

I created a project called “Quantifying our ‘Busyness’,” which detailed the work load of the outpatient cancer infusion center. My peers and I were able to demonstrate our workload and work with our leadership to make changes based on this information.  It meant so much to us that our leadership advocated for us so we could spend our time advocating for the children. That day will forever live with me.

Why should someone work in the Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center?

Working at TCH’s Cancer and Hematology Center will provide a nurse with an experience of a life-time. They will feel rewarded in knowing they helped a kid who is battling for their life. Working here will give you so much confidence and will prepare you to work anywhere you want. The work is fast-paced, but it doesn’t feel hectic because we have such a good team. This is the place to be as a nurse. I think of the Cancer and Hematology Center as a hidden gem of the Texas Medical Center.

What advice would you give a new nurse starting in the Cancer and Hematology Center?

I would say enjoy the process; you will have your ups and downs. You will feel overwhelmed at times. You will feel triumphant at times. You may cry at times. Being the healing hand for one or many of our patients and their families will forever leave a glow in your heart. It is not something you will ever forget. So take many deep breaths, ask all the questions, be the reason your patients and their families smile and embrace all the learning opportunities.

We need more dedicated team members like Artur to help us create a healthier future for the children of our community. If you are committed to advocacy and prepared to deliver care in new, innovative ways, we want you to apply today and fight with us.