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Lisa is The Difference – going the extra mile for teammates and patient families.

When she finished her pediatric residency with Texas Children’s in 2011, Dr. Lisa Gaw moved to Austin without a job because she knew it was where she wanted to be. After several years as an active urgent care physician, she re-joined Texas Children’s as the Physician Region Lead for the Urgent Care Westgate in 2018.

For the love of caring for children, families, and each other

Dr. Gaw jumped at the opportunity to open Texas Children’s first facility in Austin and become the first hire in the region – bringing what she calls the “Texas Children’s feel” to the workspace.

“It feels like a family…it’s a very positive atmosphere with good energy.”

Dr. Gaw embraces Texas Children’s culture of caring for each other and the promise of expanding pediatric and women’s health care in Austin.

A pro at helping others experience work-life balance

Her current role gives her more time to enjoy family, as well as advocate for work-life balance for everyone on her team. She knows that taking care of her team ensures they can bring their best selves to work and provide the best patient care possible. 

She finds that being in an urgent care environment allows her plenty of time and energy to enjoy hobbies and activities outside of medicine, such as running, making baked goods to share at work, reading murder mysteries, playing the piano and serving as the cookie coordinator for her daughter’s Girl Scouts troop.  

“I love that I feel refreshed when I go back to work, so my goal in my current role is to provide that for everyone in who works in our clinic.”

It means the world to Dr. Gaw to be able to support the personal and professional development of colleagues, arranging their work schedules to help them pursue educational interests, take time off for travel and start families.

The team makes all the difference

Dr. Gaw is proud of the great care her team provides and the many comments they receive in patient reviews, despite having minimal time to build rapport with families.

“It’s an amazing group of people who provide amazing care…and there’s proof of that.”

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