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Ryan Breaux
Ryan Breaux

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In 2007, after receiving his degree in Microbiology from Louisiana State University, Ryan Breaux was looking for a position that would allow him to grow and evolve in the medical field.

“I was looking for a position that would allow growth in the future as I got near to completing my MHA/MBA program,” said Ryan.

It’s this mindset that eventually led him to Texas Children’s, and he has been here ever since. Starting off as a Senior Point-of-Care Testing Coordinator, Ryan continued his journey through Texas Children’s with the drive of delivering elite healthcare no matter the title he held.

Through the aid of the Texas Children’s Tuition Assistance Program, Ryan was able to complete his MHA/MBA through the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Ryan has served in various roles at Texas Children’s Hospital for almost 15 years and has extensive expertise in hospital operations. Most recently, Ryan was the Director of Business & Support Services at the West Campus which added to his knowledge of facilities operations and support services. His vast knowledge and expertise will be instrumental in leading the Austin team in creating a facility that will represent the best of Texas Children’s in Austin.

Along with a select group of leaders, Ryan is poised to take on Texas Children’s expansion into Austin in early 2024 as the Director of Business Planning & Development. Learn more about Ryan’s story below.

What made you want to go into health care?

It was an evolution in a still continuing journey to make the biggest impact on those needing care and support.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Having an impact on the employees, families and–most importantly–the patients we serve. Even if I am not interacting with them directly, I know the work I do makes a difference in their lives.

What do people not know about your job?

How much coordination and communication goes into my job and how far it reaches. I am coordinating with our financial team, information services, nurses, doctors, and all sorts of other people to ensure that we deliver the best possible healthcare we can for our patients and their families.

What do you think Texas Children’s can offer the Austin area?

We look forward to offering a full-service continuum of care to the pediatric population and introduce the same level of care that we offer through our Pavilion for Women. Texas Children’s Hospital is known for the level of service and care that we provide to all patients served, and we look forward to bringing that service excellence to central Texas.

Much like his childhood hero, Joe Montana, Ryan has committed his career to pushing the boundaries of what he can accomplish, a value that all of us also hold at Texas Children’s. If you are looking to become part of a team of ambitious professionals like Ryan Breaux, search our open positions and apply today.