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Bobbie Jehle
Bobbie Jehle

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From a young age, Bobbie Jehle knew she wanted a career in healthcare after spending a lot of time in hospitals with her father. During this time in her life, she became inspired by the healthcare workers her family interacted with on a daily basis.

“I saw the compassion and difference they made in the life of my family, and I wanted to do the same,” said Bobbie.

As a junior at Texas A&M studying biomedical science, Bobbie quickly found out that clinical work wasn’t a good fit. However, determined to be in the healthcare system, she decided to enter into the field of healthcare administration. As a graduate student at Houston Baptist University, Bobbie met Ivett Shah – our now Senior Vice President of Texas Children’s – in one of her classes, during which she learned more about the potential for growth in this field. Fast forward 23 years, and Bobbie is now part of the team that is gearing up to expand Texas Children’s into Austin, with the opening of a new hospital in 2024.

Through the years, Bobbie has grown professionally, taking on different roles centered around ensuring our employees and patients have the best experience possible. Though she is proud of the advancements she has made throughout the years, to Bobbie nothing compares to the bonds she has made during her tenure.

“I’ve stayed so long because of the people at Texas Children’s. The people are what has kept me here,” said Bobbie.

As the Senior Project Manager for the Austin expansion (previously Director of Austin Regional Operations), Bobbie will be instrumental in various tasks needed for activation such as setting the procedures, policies and workflows for the new campus, as well as extending our reputation for excellent patient and employee care experience throughout the Austin community. According to Bobbie, it is Texas Children’s unique culture that will have the most impact.

Watch the video to learn more about Bobbie and how Texas Children’s culture has impacted her life. For more information on open positions, search our career site and make Texas Children’s a part of your journey today.