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Kaitlyn is The Difference – a woman’s champion in moments of vulnerability and strength.

Outpatient Nurse Kaitlyn Evans is driven by the connections she builds with patients. In her new role at Texas Children’s Austin OBGYN clinic and throughout her nine-year nursing career, bringing her full energy to work is one of the most important aspects of her day.

“What I love about nursing is that I am able to interact with people in different ways and provide quality health care for women. I feel privileged for the opportunity to help women across every moment in their lives.”

Discovering her future as a caregiver

Kaitlyn will tell you that nursing is in her blood – that she felt an early calling to the medical profession, coming from a large caregiving family with an aunt who is a labor and delivery nurse and a dad who was a flight paramedic for many years.

From labor and delivery to maternal transport to now serving in a clinic setting at Texas Children’s, she thrives on the connections she makes with her patients and the compassion she can provide when they need her most.

Expect the unexpected

Each unique experience throughout Kaitlyn’s career has shaped the way she approaches new challenges. In her most recent role as a maternal transport nurse, Kaitlyn learned first-hand to be prepared for anything happening at any time.

In one particularly memorable moment, her patient went into labor on the way to her preferred hospital, and Kaitlyn and the paramedic on board delivered the pre-term baby five minutes away from their destination.

“This memory will stick with me forever – delivering the baby, who came out crying and healthy, and reassuring the shocked mother that she and her baby were safe. It was an incredible experience to be part of.”

 Lifelong learning nurtures her inner coach

“As I expand my knowledge to understand the full picture of women’s health, I look forward to sharing what I learn and helping women grow as they experience unique issues and situations.”

As an advocate for women’s health, Kaitlyn believes in the power of setting aside time to take care of herself, so that she maintains the proper mindset and energy level to fulfill her mission of showing compassion to others. Kaitlyn’s favorite activities include yoga, traveling to see family and friends and experiencing live music in Austin. 

“I love living in Austin. There’s always something to do that brings me so much joy, like going to concerts with my husband. We go to ACL and SXSW music festivals every year and enjoy our tradition of finding new favorite bands.”

“For me, being a part of Texas Children’s new hospital in Austin from the ground level and to see our growth in this city has already been a great experience. I’m excited to see what the future holds at Texas Children’s.”

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