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Dr. Mufeed Ashraf and daughter Asya with text that reads: Inspired by Dad, Father & Daughter Care for Texas Children's Neonatal ICU patients Headshot Image.png
Texas Children’s Hospital

Father-Daughter Duo Dr. Mufeed and Asya Ashraf Care for our Neonatal Patients

Father’s Day is a time to reflect on the pivotal role fathers play in our lives, shaping our dreams and guiding our paths. Dr. Mufeed Ashraf and his daughter Asya both share a passion for health care, working together at Texas Children’s and united in their care for our neonatal patients. 

Crossing Continents to Texas Children’s 

Born in Bangladesh, Dr. Ashraf grew up in the Middle East where his father worked. After completing high school, he pursued medical school and his pediatric residency in Istanbul, Turkey. His path then took him here to the United States, where he completed a residency and fellowship in Rochester, NY, working at hospitals in Louisiana and Mississippi before joining Texas Children’s neonatology team in 2016. 

Despite being surrounded by a family of engineers, Dr. Ashraf felt a strong pull towards the medical profession. “I always felt this affinity towards medicine, though I cannot pinpoint exactly what led me to it” he shares, emphasizing the supportive environment his family provided. He gravitated to pediatrics by his second or third year in medicine. While he considered cardiology, he chose to specialize in neonatology and never looked back, discovering a gratifying interest in caring for the tiniest and most vulnerable patients in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). 

A Daughter’s Path, Inspired by Dad 

Asya Ashraf’s career path in healthcare was undeniably influenced by her father. “When I was really young, I wanted to be a singer,” she recalls with a chuckle, adding that her father encouraged her to consider a more traditional career path. In middle school, access to friends who had parents in nursing and an opportunity to shadow her father for an assignment sparked her interest in the NICU where she watched nurses holding and caring for babies with admiration. 

During her nursing studies, Asya completed her capstone rotation at Texas Children’s, discovering her own passion for neonatal care. Today, she works in our Level IV NICU, finding fulfillment in a career that allows her to blend her compassionate nature with clinical expertise. Asya sings mostly in the shower these days, but she is taking her next career steps toward becoming a nurse practitioner. 

Shared Experiences and Mutual Admiration  

Working together at Texas Children’s has provided a unique vantage point for both Dr. Ashraf and Asya. They at times cross paths during rounds, discussing cases and sharing insights. “At work, if I’m not on service and Asya is working, I swing by to check what she’s doing and discuss interesting cases,” says Dr. Ashraf.  

Asya frequently seeks out her “Baba’s” professional perspective above all others. Though she doesn’t announce their relationship, she says most colleagues in the NICU soon figure out they are family.   

Despite their differences—Dr. Ashraf describes himself as more introverted, while Asya is outgoing—they share core values such as dedication, thoroughness and a deep commitment to their work. “We both like to complete our jobs from A to Z, taking ownership of what we do,” Dr. Ashraf notes. Asya agrees, adding their similar ways of thinking can sometimes lead to butting heads, but ultimately fosters a deeper mutual respect and understanding. 

Lessons and Legacy 

Both Dr. Ashraf and Asya have learned valuable lessons from each other. Dr. Ashraf admires Asya’s sincerity and dedication, noting how she goes the extra mile to provide the best care for her patients and support for her friends. He also appreciates her ability to discuss and address issues rather than internalizing them, demonstrating a discerning openness that is good for her personal and professional growth. 

Asya, in turn, admires her father’s ability to listen carefully to everyone on the team and notes that the nursing staff especially enjoy working with him. She values her father’s patience, passion and the supportive guidance he has provided throughout her life. “The best advice my dad has given me is not to rush into things and to make well-thought-out decisions,” she says. This advice has helped her navigate her career and personal life with greater calm and clarity. 

Appreciation for Houston and for Texas Children’s 

Dr. Ashraf has lived in multiple regions and cities in the United States. He doesn’t bother to characterize his experiences in Houston by the many things he likes, finding it simpler to mention the few things he doesn’t — the heat, for one. “Still, if I must choose between hot weather and shoveling ice, I’d choose hot weather.”  

As the eldest among her siblings, Asya can also compare the places she’s lived with her family. She appreciates the array of food options in Houston, noting that it’s far easier to find halal in our large and diverse city.  

Both Dr. Ashraf and Asya speak highly of their experiences at Texas Children’s. Dr. Ashraf praises a supportive environment that nurtures work-life balance. Asya echoes his sentiments, appreciating the opportunities and support she has received in her professional journey. “My onboarding was the best experience because not only did our nurse residency leaders have a positive attitude every single day, but they also gave us a true picture of the work.”  

On this Father’s Day, we celebrate the profound impact of a father’s guidance, the Ashraf’s dedication to medicine and their common commitment to Texas Children’s. Apply today to join our family—a team united by shared passions and mutual respect—and Be the Difference for patients and families at Texas Children’s.