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Eddie Moore
Eddie Moore

Career-Building Connections for Texas Children’s Pharmacy Technician Headshot Image.png
Texas Children’s Hospital

Human beings thrive on interpersonal connections and community; we need a tribe. Eddie Moore’s personal connections brought him to Texas Children’s two years ago and, ever since then, connections are what keep him learning and growing on our One Amazing Team.

“At Texas Children’s, I found my place,” says Eddie. “I get to communicate and make connections with nurses, doctors and even some of the patients.”

While working as a Pharmacy Technician at a big brand drug store, Eddie regularly served a customer who worked at Texas Children’s. They would tell him what a special experience it was to work on that team.  His brother, who also works in the medical field, urged Eddie to join Texas Children’s on reputation alone.

Once employed at Texas Children’s, Eddie quickly developed a tight bond with his co-workers.

“I have lunch nearly every day with my team,” says Eddie. “My connection with them is really important to me.”

Through Texas Children’s, and with the full support and motivation of his colleagues, last year Eddie received the training needed for a promotion to Chemotherapy Pharmacy Technician.

Grateful for the opportunity to grow, Eddie has his sights set on even bigger moves in the future, sharing enthusiastically, “I plan to stay on this course with Texas Children’s with hope of being transferred to the new hospital in Austin!”

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