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Dwain Roberson
Dwain Roberson

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As Assistant Director of Support Services, Dwain Roberson is furiously planning the set-up of operational services for Texas Children’s new North Austin Hospital, where our goal is to provide superior care to patients in the Greater Austin area. Whether constructing new supply chain routes to the Hill Country or mapping out security services for the new hospital layout, Dwain is dedicated to ensuring that our hospital opens as smoothly as possible in 2024.

Dwain Roberson first encountered Texas Children’s as many people do – as a parent looking for guidance and compassion. While expecting his first child, Dwain and his wife were referred to Texas Children’s after tests revealed concerns about his unborn daughter’s heart. Dwain and his wife were struck by the kindness and compassion they were shown by all the staff at Texas Children’s.

“I’ll never forget how nice everyone was,” says Dwain. “When, a few months later, I was looking for career growth and came across a job posting at Texas Children’s, it felt like fate.”

Dwain started his career at Texas Children’s as a project manager of Facilities & Operations and was able to hone his leadership skills to become assistant director of Support Services. Here, he married his two passions: business administration and facility operations.

“I’ve been fortunate to have career growth opportunities while at Texas Children’s,” says Dwain. “As a leader, I desire to inspire others while bettering myself.”

Dwain’s greatest inspiration growing up was his father, who exemplified hard work, integrity and transparency – qualities Dwain applies as he plays his role in developing the future of Texas Children’s.

“My commitment is to provide an environment where employees feel free to express themselves, with hope of not only bettering the organization but also better the world we live in,” says Dwain.

As Texas Children’s expands into Austin, dedicated leaders like Dwain ensure our new locations are held to the highest standards and are equipped to provide the most excellent of compassionate care. Remembering the treatment he once received as a new parent, Dwain is one of many leaders in our purpose-driven organization dedicated to spreading the same level of care and compassion to the rest of Texas.

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