Texas Children’s Hospital is the largest pediatric hospital in the nation, administering medical care in more than 40 pediatric subspecialties.

In addition, professionals from throughout the world refer many of their most challenging patients to Texas Children’s, creating a rich, unique learning environment for our staff and leadership.

Since the early 1950’s, Baylor College of Medicine has had an integral role in the shaping and success of Texas Children’s Hospital. All of our service chiefs and staff physicians are employed through Baylor, but practice at one of our many locations and serve as vital members of our community. Baylor physicians who practice at Texas Children’s benefit from the incredible combination of support and experience.

From providing a continuum of assistance for women and children in the Pavilion for Women, to working with our community based centers, our physicians work to provide our patients with comprehensive treatment plans and help shape the next generation of health care professionals.

By working with those who bring different skills and backgrounds to the table, we amplify one another’s strengths and potential for greatness. We believe that when communities are dedicated to working together, boundaries are broken and the lives of our patients improve.

One Large Family

Texas Children’s has over 60 locations across the city of Houston. While each has different specialties, they are all part of the Texas Children’s community and share the same values.



In the heart of Houston, Texas Children’s Hospital stands as a testament to the power of infinite passion. Our team comes together to deliver nationally-ranked care and we push everyone from students to veteran staff members, to think bigger and be leaders. Working here provides you with endless opportunity to grow and thrive in your medical career.


As part of our mission to reach out to more children and families in need, Texas Children’s has partnered with St. Luke’s and we are in the process of building one of our newest locations in The Woodlands. Physicians here will be a part of the area's first true, free-standing hospital to exclusively treat children and adolescents. With diverse areas of specialty, our staff will treat a wide variety of pediatric illnesses.

Leadership always influences or determines outcomes- not some of the time, but all of the time.
Mark A. Wallace
President and CEO

Pavilion for Women

Touch the lives of babies and mothers at every stage.

At the Pavilion for Women, we care for women and children from preconception, to long after the birth of the child. We are dedicated to obstetrics, gynecology, and fetal intervention because we know to improve the health of children, we must start with mothers.

We are always looking for even more ways to seamlessly collaborate and learn from one another as we work toward providing better neonatal outcomes. Our facility is equipped with all of the technology and specialized staff needed to give mothers and babies the best care in any situation. This allows us to provide a continuum of care in one location.

We always say that facilities are wonderful, but they are only driven by the people and the programs inside.

West Campus

Houston’s first community hospital designed, built, and equipped exclusively for children.

From family-centered facilities, to technology created with children’s needs in mind, every aspect of Texas Children West Campus is focused on providing our patients with the best care possible. Throughout the campus, we have bright and inviting spaces, a playground on every floor, and serene, park-like settings.

We are a community that supports and encourages one another to raise the bar in pediatric healthcare every day. Our dedicated pediatric emergency center treats illnesses ranging from the common to extremely rare, so being a part of this team means you are at the forefront of pediatric cancer research and treatment.



Help Texas Children’s Hospital offer comprehensive care to even more families.

With a variety of specialties, we are able to provide families with the care their children need. Our physicians that work at Texas Children Hospital’s community-based centers treat children and women where and when they need it most. This network is comprised of the following entities.

Texas Children’s Pediatrics: With multiple locations throughout the greater Houston area, we’re in your neighborhood and continuing to grow.

Urgent Care: Our urgent care system is staffed with physicians who are given privileges at Texas Children’s Hospital so they can seamlessly provide their patients with comprehensive care.

The Center for Women and Children: From pregnancy care and pediatrics, to optometry and dentistry, our state-of-the-art services and diverse team of specialists are all in one place.

The Health Centers: Staffed by Texas Children’s physicians, surgeons, therapists and clinical staff, our network of Health Centers around Houston provide speciality care and treat a variety of illnesses and conditions.

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