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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our story

Where every team member is valued

Texas Children’s was founded to serve all children – regardless of their race, religion, creed or ability to pay. In 1954, Jim Abercrombie and Leopold Meyer set this clear intention as the guiding principle of Texas Children’s, and while we have come a long way since opening in a three-story building with 106 beds and 4,558 patients in our first year, we still live by these principles each and every day.

Workforce Demographics

Our diverse culture encourages sharing different perspectives that strengthen us as a whole.

female workforce
ethnically diverse workforce
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female leadership
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Our commitment

Our culture is based on equity, inclusivity, love and compassion. We want to create an environment where all voices are heard, understood and respected – a place where our team members feel a sense of ownership in the actions and the outcomes we create. By living each of our core values – embrace freedom, lead tirelessly, live compassionately and amplify unity – we continually strengthen the already-strong culture we have in place. It’s here that we transform challenges into opportunities that will make a difference.

Providing equitable and inclusive care

We are committed to constantly evaluating our systems to ensure that care is being delivered equitably to all of our patients. We ensure that we are incorporating empathy and understanding of the different dimensions of diversity among the patients and families we serve.

Living Our Values
  • From Argentina to Uganda, we support women and children in 20 countries worldwide and all 50 states.

Advancing opportunity

We are committed to identifying potential in our teams and providing opportunity in an equitable manner. We will eliminate obstacles and bias at all levels.

Living Our Values
  • 75% of our leaders are female and 51% are underrepresented minorities.

Partnering for progress

We are committed to fostering diversity, equality and inclusion among our business partners. We select and work with companies who are aligned with us philosophically according to our standard of moving the needle in growing opportunity
for all.

Living Our Values
  • Baylor College of Medicine International Pediatrics AIDS Initiative at Texas Children’s Hospital is the largest care and treatment network based at an academic institution supporting programs for children living with HIV. Together with our affiliated non-governmental organizations (NGOs), we provide pediatric and maternal health care for vulnerable populations around the world.
  • Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women was designed and constructed by women for women.

Confronting and challenging bias

We are committed to challenging bias that exists within our walls. We will actively work to identify, address and correct any behavior or mindsets that propagate harmful and inequitable social norms.

Living Our Values
  • Inclusion and Belonging training is part of our core curriculum for all team members at
Texas Children’s.